Pearly Whites Overnight: How I got a brighter smile with Smile Brilliant!

I wouldn’t say that I was (am) the rebellious child, but when it came to keeping my teeth white I would certainly reach for the adult teeth whitening toothpaste instead of my kiddy fluoride when my mom wasn’t looking. What can I say? I love having a brighter smile!

There’s a story behind every smile. Some smiles show joy, some smiles show pain and some smiles are pretty much fake, but I think we all love a nice, bright smile! Thanks to Smile Brillant I was able to get just that!

When I got braces 5+ years ago, I thought “man, I’m going to love my smile forever” but of course reality (and negligence) set in. I stopped wearing my retainer, started drinking coffee, and flossed when the dentist asked. Keeping my smile in order wasn’t at the top of my priority list (like my skincare routine). As the time passed, I started to realize the smile I was so proud of had changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my smile, but I had become an expert at the no teeth smile because I wasn’t feeling 100% about my pearly ivories.

The Pre-Whites

When Smile Brilliant  reached out to me, I was super excited to start and they made the process easy! The first kit I received was for my impressions. As I always like to state, it’s important to FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! I would have had my impressions set and ready on the first try if I read the directions thoroughly!

The Almost Whites

After I sent out my impressions, I waited a few days before receiving my custom fitted whitening trays! I’ll be honest, achieving a white smile takes some time, and by “time” I mean about 45 minutes- 3 hours of whitening and 15 minutes of desensitizing. I have always been impatient when it comes to taking care of my teeth (flossing was an optional step, it took too long). I quickly got over the whitening process when I started to see results.

Night one, yes ONE, my smile was brighter AND  my usually sensitive teeth were adjusting to the whitening gel just fine. The desensitizing gel is an essential step! Not only did it keep the pain away, but it helped to seal the brightness.

Finally, I would hit my bed. This helped me to not reverse what I just did by drinking or eating, and it also helped my body (teeth, that’s what we’re really focusing on) rejuvenate overnight!

The After Whites









Two weeks later, and here we are. I still have a good amount of whitening gel left but as you can clearly see white smile achieved! Now that I know what a bright smile looks like, I am doing all that I can to keep it! Drinking with a straw, whitening for 1 hour and desensitizing to seal the deal!

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Happy Smiling!



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