My best skincare routine YET!

Every month for approximately 7 days, Mother Nature invades and takes over my life! But I guess I should be thankful for all the aches, pains and cramps since she gives a full warning on my face as to when she will arrive. Oh, sweet cystic pimples must you always ruin a perfect skin canvas! Well, I am pleased to tell you all that this month, mother nature caught me by surprise!

ZERO pimples! No warning, no heads up this month thanks to my best skincare routine to date! For those who don’t know, I’ve suffered from dry, textured, occasional cystic acne prone skin for quite some time, but this year I vowed to get my skin to a place of normality!

PERFECTION is overrated, but having skin that looks healthy and radiant is the best thing a girl could ask for. Kate Sommerville’s products not only helped to keep my skin clear, but they also helped to balance it! No more combination dry skin this summer, for the first time ever I feel like I have “normal” skin.

I’ve been using these 3 products along with my trusted Cetaphil since mid- June. The Exfolikate glow moisturizer, intensive exfoliating treatment and Wrinkle warrior plumping mask! This combo has given me healthy, glowing skin with an extra plump!

I start my routine by washing my face with Cetaphil for 60 seconds! That right there is an essential part of any skincare routine. Those 60 seconds give any product enough time to actually do its job. So if you are throwing ya cleanser on for 13 seconds, better up that time so you can see greater results!

Next, I rinse off my cleanser thoroughly and apply the Exfolikate intensive exfoliating treatment. NOTE TO SELF, for this product, read the instructions! I applied this product for longer than 30 seconds and soon after realized that my skin couldn’t handle it (as noted in the instructions). After I rinse this off I follow up with the wrinkle warrior mask and leave that on for about 20 minutes. My skin feels super smooth after this baby comes off!


Finally, I complete my super easy and 4 step routine with the Exfolikate moisturizer, which smells delicious by the way!

If you’re looking to significantly improve your skin and balance it out, then you should definitely give Kate Sommerville a try!



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