Return of the traveling days: My New Orleans Adventure!

Traveling has to be one of the most rewarding things in a person’s life. Whether you’re being rewarded by the beautiful sun, in the soft sand, on a peaceful beach OR in a lovely city, filled with culture and food! Every trip I’ve ever taken has always given me something great to walk away with.

Why #NOLA? Well #1 it was my Candys 25th birthday and she wanted a French feel in the USA. #2 why not Nola? The city has so much to offer and explore. Definitely was an exciting way to get back into traveling.

Day 1: 

First thing I noticed once I was in New Orleans was the beautiful throne in the bathroom. I’ve always heard of airports, like the one in Chicago, having films over the toilet. To keep the germs out ya know! But to actually see it live in action was pretty fascinating, especially because I had to 💩. Me and that toilet in the back corner of the bathroom quickly became friends as I spent a great amount of time working in the airport, waiting for the first party to arrive!

The night was young. We arrived, checked into our first hotel and went straight to eat. The Creole House. I’m not the biggest fan of seafood or fish for that matter but I was determined to try to at least enjoy it for the next 3 days!

Well, this was NOT that day! I played it safe and got ham. It was good. Didn’t wow my mind but I enjoyed it. Davon definitely enjoyed his meal as his plate was cleared in seconds.

Back to Hotel #1 we went to chill and wait for our lovely Ore to arrive. Once she did we were off to Bourbon St. I’ll save you some of the details but let’s just say that what happens in NOLA is supposed to stay in NOLA but I’m certain that for this one girl a lot of her “personal” parts would soon be all over social media.

To say that Bourbon Street was lively would be an understatement. You could find any time of genre (music) at a bar on this street. Which was pretty cool to see. The blend of different people and different music.

The night ended with…food of course… French fries to be exact.

Cashapp (pronounced—ka-shuppp)

Day 2: 

Candace officially turns 25 and we were awakened by the bright New Orleans sun shining over the balcony and into our room. We were excited for the day. Quick hotel change to the Ritz Carlton (yeahhh were bourgeois) and brunch which we soon found out was lunch on Fridays at the Palace Café!

I played it safe once again and ordered a burger, but I will say when it was time for dessert I expanded my palettte a little too far.

When you were younger did you ever safe the tastier food for last so that you could walk away from your meal satisfied? Well I should of done that, instead I started my dessert time with a delicious war, white chocolate bread pudding (on right) to then finish off with a not so appetizing crab filled cheesecake (on left). First and Final time for that! Supposedly a New Orleans favorite but my stomach quickly turned against it.

Cafe Du Monde, beignets beignets how I fell in love with beignets. The sweet, irresistible French donut that I can’t live without! Highlight of the day: Munching on that sweet treat while pursuing through the town square.

Of course we ended up back on Bourbon St for a long yet eventful night!

Day 3: 

G u m b o. From the moment I stepped foot in NOLA I was instantly reminded of a movie favorite, the Princess and the Frog. The next thought was the scary looking gumbo that they served in that movie. Candace was determined to make us all try it, and although I was frightened by the thought of odd critters in my food, I was still open to the idea. Glad that I was, it was delicious! A little spicy for my palette but still delicious! Another check on the list of foods that I never thought I’d try. Ps. We were supposed to try gator but Davon had us watching this show on how they catch alligators… Let’s just say I’m glad that no one remembered that we hadn’t tried it by the end of the trip.

The one part of NOLA that I wasn’t eager to see was the voodoo explorations. I made sure to stay clear of that. So while Ore and Davon has their own adventure, so did Candace and I. New Orleans is beautiful y’all. The structure and architecture of the buildings is wonderful to see. For a moment I forgot that I was still in the United States. I felt as if I was abroad in a foreign country. The mental picture I have will forever be stained in my memory!

Day 4: 

Out of all my short weekend trips, this one definitely felt the longest. I was sad to go, but I still felt that I had a full, exciting and memorable trip for the books! We spent the early part of our last day eating…beignets of course. And to our somewhat surprise their were a ton of Easter celebrations throughout the city! Parades for days. Hats everywhere, color and excitement!

Then on to a more somber part of our trip, the Presbytere. I was overwhelmed with emotion to listen and read through the Katrina tragedy. But even through NOLA’s biggest tribulation, I could see it’s strength. Strength in it’s people, culture, food and livelihood. All of the reasons why this city has a special place in my heart.

Until next time New Orleans!


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