How to travel to Spain on a budget

I like to save! It’s something I inherited from my mom, saving money is like hitting the jackpot for us. Here are some times on how I planned a trip to Barcelona and Ibiza on a budget.

I decided I wanted to go back to Spain in November. It was a promise I made to myself five years ago after studying abroad in Barcelona. Making that a promise a reality and affordable means that I had to plan ahead. Which is my first bit of advice.

Start looking at flight prices in advance. I love to use skyscanner, google flights and hopper to track flights. They let me know when’s the best time to buy and also notify me if the price of the flight changes.

My first time going to Barcelona my flight was a good $1200+, this time with a little digging and flexibility with travel time I found flight that was roughly $450—jackpot!

Since I’ve travelled through Europe before, I knew how cheap flights over there were, so I decided why not visit another Spanish city. We were able to find a flight to Ibiza for about 60€.

Next tip, compare prices between Airbnb and hotels. For this trip we did both, but often I know the assumption is that an Airbnb will be cheaper. While lodging may be cheaper, hotels sometimes offer packages that include food and you end up saving money there. We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb in Barcelona that was about $125 pp, but the equally beautiful hotel in Ibiza was also $125 pp and breakfast was included.

My last tip, but probably the most important one is do your research ahead of time. Research if the country your traveling to has Uber, if not, try to calculate how much their taxis/car rentals are! Also, we travelled via the subway system and saved a ton of money! Got a pass for $15 and used that for the two days we were in Barcelona! Definitely makes a difference.

Research what you are planning to see on your trip. If you watch my vlog, you’ll notice that I did not get to make it into La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, all because we didn’t book tickets in advance. I know planning before a trip can be overwhelming but trust me it’s worth the peace of mind once you’re there.

Also, map out everything! I’m a big fan of looking at all our activities on a map. It helps make sense of the day and also makes certain that you’re not running all over a city, which saves money. (trip itineraries are my go to)

And this may be an obvious tip, but look for the FREE activities! There are plenty in every city you just have to do some digging. There’s so much to see in Spain and you don’t have to break the bank to see it.

Here are some of the paid and unpaid activities we did in Barcelona and Ibiza.

B a r c e l o n a

  1. La Sagrada (17€)
  2. Park Guell ($10)
  3. Wine Tasting ($18)
  4. Gaudi Houses solo (free)
  5. Plaça Espana, see Montjuic light show (free)
  6. Arc de Triomf (free)
  7. Park Cituadella (free)
  8. Nightlife (free with VIP list)

I b i z a

  1. Dalt Villa (free)
  2. Sunset at Cala Comte (free)
  3. Nightlife (free)

Traveling should always be affordable in my opinion! You can still see the beauty of the world without emptying your pockets, you just have to plan a little! Hope these tips helped! Comment below if you’ve visited Spain or are planning to soon!


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