Food Adventure: Floridian Style

My father always talks about how food is a universal language, it can transcend time, cultures, differences. It’s one of the very reasons why my family loves food, it’s not just what we eat, but the memories we create around the dinner table, around the times we sit down to eat! I was glad to add in these new memories during my Food Adventure: Floridian style!

I may not be as open to trying new foods as my older brother, but after dating Jonathan (boyfriend) I’ve been trying some new stuff. During our visit with Stormy and Dad in Florida, we diverted from our “healthy” habits and ate ourselves into the itis (food coma) every meal!


I’ve had a great deal of Smashburger in my lifetime. As a hard gainer that was my go-to place to get all 2300 of my daily calorie intake in one meal! And surprisingly, for being a fast food place I never got that sick feeling after, grant it, I would be super tired, but NOT SICK!


Now I’ve been to the Smashburger restaurants in Florida before, but I stuck to my usual, too afraid to venture out. This time, I was determined to try something new, something Floridian and what better burger to order than the Central Florida. “Wicked Pimina Cheese, Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard, fried green tomatoes, shredded lettuce & mayo on an egg bun.” I died, I’ve never so happy to eat a burger in my life.

If you’re in the Northern Florida area, you have to stop in and try this burger!

Sushi 99

 I can’t believe that I had been missing out on the joy of sushi until my late teens early 20s! I was never the biggest fan of seafood and just assumed that it tasted like the rest until I had a shrimp tempura roll! I’ve been in love since, but of course, that’s all I ever order. SHRIMP, SHRIMP, SHRIMP! With a little nudging, I finally tried the infamous spicy tuna and spicy salmon! I must say though, the salmon didn’t sit so well with me, but the tuna! Mmmm I’ll most certainly be getting that again! I’ve also never combined noodles and fried rice in one dish, but hey I was on vacation!

Cryderman’s BBQ

The highlight of our trip! The one thing my dad wanted for his bday celebration was to visit this place. One of his customer’s told him about it and he was dying to try it ever since. So we drove a good hour and a half to homey and outdoor, picnic style restaurant. Normally I’m not the biggest fan of eating in the heat outdoors but I was so caught up in my pulled pork bbq sandwich and mac/cheese that I didn’t care! When I say mouthwatering I mean mouthwatering.

The owner, Chad gave us the backstory to his small yet pretty successful business. He got southern cooking and hospitality down to a T and he’s not even from the south! I will forever make Cryderman’s a spot on my list of places to visit when I’m in Northern Florida.

Ocean Deck Restaurant & Beach Club

My favorite part about this restaurant is that it’s on the beach, Daytona Beach to be exact! I love this beach, it’s top 5 for me. It’s huge, the sand is gorgeous, the water is always warm and there’s this beach restaurant that makes me feel like I’m truly on vacation. I didn’t think I’d be able to find it again but coincidentally I parked in the same exact area that I did during my spring break in 2015. That area led me straight to Ocean Deck Restaurant & Beach Club! I ordered a blt/ turkey sandwich and like I said, I love the beach and it truly made my meal that much better!

Eating is good for the soul people, just make sure you throw those healthy greens in there and drink lots of water, because as you may know water cancels out all the unhealthy food that we EAT (not factual, but it is to me)!


A beautiful view after a nice dinner meal!

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