What makes you beautiful?

I think as humans it’s normal for us to be moved by what we see in society  or what people say about us. I think it’s normal at one point or another to have a self esteem issue or feel a little bit less than based on our appearance.

But one thing that I’ve learned over the years and I’m still learning is that there are so many kinds of beautiful. It is not confined to a certain look, hair texture, complexion or body type. There are so many different things in this world that make people beautiful, and I think it’s important to focus on things that make you beautiful. That’s what people see, that’s what others can relate to, your unique beauty!

The fact of the matter is everything on the outside is fleeting and fading, the older we get the more we will change and I think it’s important to not ground  your sense of identity or the way you look at yourself on your appearance.

Most people will probably find this funny or bizarre but for a long period of my life I struggled with my physical weight. In America we tend to focus on people being overweight, but coming from a minority background and being Latina, where woman are praised for their curves it was hard for me to love myself because I didn’t like the way my body looked. There was certainly a point in my life that if someone came up to me and said “wow you’re reallyyyyyyyyy skinny” I would immediately become unhappy and would proceed to eat ridiculous and unhealthy amounts of food in hopes to change the way that I look.

But what I needed to change was my way of thinking. So I came to a point in my life where I realized that I can better myself, look healthier, go to the gym and if in the process I gain a few pounds in my butt I won’t be mad, but I had to stop allowing the way that I looked at myself, my insecurities and how someone viewed me to control me.

What I wanted to share today was how we should learn and focus on more things that make us beautiful and not allow society or insecurities we struggle with control how we live our lives. Personally I started to focus on the things inside of me that made me beautiful. The way I cared for people, my sense of loyalty and desire to try (even when it’s difficult) to find the good in others. It was at that point that I started to realize that my beauty was so much deeper than the length of my hair or my body type and  I truly became a lot more comfortable in who I am. I know that sometimes this can be hard because of how cruel society can be at times, but society changes constantly and I truly believe they don’t know what real beauty is so we can’t let them define it. You are beautiful, don’t let anyone (including your mind) tell you otherwise.

Confidence is beautiful. Uniqueness is beautiful. Your soul is beautiful. God made you beautiful.

Focus what it is that makes (insert your name) beautiful!


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