A little taste of a socialite summer

I had a pretty hectic summer, but it was event-filled! From concerts to social events and festivals, I can kiss this season goodbye with a great amount of satisfaction, take a peek inside my socialite summer!


What did I do last summer? Let’s start with the best! Shawn freaking Mendes! I didn’t realize how much I missed a concert-like experience until I saw him live, twice! The first time through Verizon Up for free, and the second, at the Prudential Center!

The teenager in me exploded both times, it’s just such a freeing experience to sing and scream without a care in the world. I have noted for next summer to add concerts to the list, what better way to enjoy one of my favorite seasons that with my new favorite past time.


I attend Curlfest every year, and from my previous post, you can tell I’m still in love with it! I added another festival to my summer this year, AfroPunk! Underneath the stars, listen to Jill Scott and Leon Bridges warmed my heart. Music has such a powerful way of connecting all of us, and I’m grateful I got to experience a music festival this year.

Social Events

For as long as I can remember I have been bourgeois. What can I say? I appreciate the finer things in life. I stumbled across the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on my co-worker’s Instagram page and I knew it was meant to be once I saw what weekend it was…my birthday weekend! Dressing up, drinking wine and seeing all the beautiful black people on the lawn in Jersey City was a moment I won’t forget. Looks for days I tell ya!

And there’s summer you guys! Hopefully, you’ll try some of these things next, and stay tuned as the fun and adventure will continue this Fall.


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