It’s time to clean up Girl, 2019 Spring Cleaning tips

I often feel that when my room is not in order, my life is not in order. Anyone else?! Studies show that having a clean room is extremely beneficial for your mental health! Here are my 2019 Spring cleaning tips for your room and your life!

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for a fresh start!

1, “Let the sun shine, let the sun shine, the sunnnnnnnn shine in!!!!!” Let it in! Springtime means that the sun is typically out a lot longer, so make sure you let it shine into your clean room! I opt to switch my curtains from dark to light during the springtime so that my room can feel brighter and more relaxing when I open my eyes in the morning!

spring cleaning tips
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2. Clean your sheets with HOT water! Have allergy problems? I’ve found that cleaning my sheets in the springtime with hot water helps keep my allergies in check, especially dust! Kill those dustmites with extreme heat.

3. If you didn’t wear it last season, it’s time to let it go! Luckily for those of us who live in the tri-state area, our seasons are pretty much the same in length. Which means you had ample time to wear those baby pink shorts, so odds are if you didn’t, it’s time to let them go. I only give away clothes before a season starts, it helps me not do things impulsively, but also helps me clear out my closets so I can bring in more clothes for the upcoming season!

4. Flip it! Flip your mattress! This may not apply to you if you have a newer mattress, but if not, it’s time to flip. I flip my mattress every season and I gain about 2-3 inches to the top, plus better sleep!

spring cleaning tips
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5. A more obvious tip, dust your ceiling fan, wipe down your windows, use lysol or another disinfecting spray. Don’t just organize your room, make sure it’s clean too.

6. Lastly, light a candle! My cleaning routine isn’t complete without a candle. I’m currently loving the stress relieving candles from Bath & Body works! Be sure to pick a candle that fits the season, so it sets the right mood!

Hope you guys are enjoying the new season, I sure am thankful that we no longer have to endure the sad phrase “Winter is here.” (lol GOT reference)


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