Beauty babble; the glam bag I needed!

Glam bag of the month! Living by my motto, “You are beautiful!”

So whats inside this bag, huh? Let’s take a look!

Glam bag

Glam Bag: March

  • Marc Anthony Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Tarte Quick dry matte Lip paint
  • Beau Gâchis Small Blending Blush
  • Eyeko FAT Cream Eyeshadow
  • Ladykin Snail Cream

Let’s start from the top Marc Anthony Deep Repair Aloe Vera & Jasmine Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment, whew! that’s a mouthful! Hard for me to say how effective this treatment was since I only used it once, but I will say that it smells delicious so we are off to a good start!

Tarte Dry Matte Lip Paint,  I’ve heard nothing but glorious things about tarte and it truly lived up to the expectations. This has to be one of my most comfortable matte lippies ever! I couldn’t even feel the dryness in my lips, could of have chapstick on for all I know! Oh and this burnt orange color girllllllllllllll! Wish it was fall again so I could rock this everyday.


As a member of the dry skin club, I’m always looking for extra hydration for my skin. What I loved about Ladykin’s Snail Cream is that I was able to use it near my eyes. That area gets so dry but there aren’t many lotions I could put there for obvious reasons. This cream was so soothing and had such a cool feel to it! I absolutely love it!

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Satin, I love the color, only downside is that it’s a cream shadow. My eyelids sweat so much that I need powder. This disappeared within seconds.

Last but not least, Beau Gâchis Tapered Blending Brush! I am obsessed with this. I’ve been needed a brush that I could use for my highlighting palettes, but I was too lazy to but a brush, so when this arrived and the tutorial said I could use it for highlighting I was thoroughly pleased. It’s become my best friend brush, it’s with me allll the time!

That’s it for this month’s beauty babble guys, I’ll be back next month with some new beauty products and let you know the deal!




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