My new little watch!


So I haven’t really given you guys a life update, but I’m working two jobs now! My part time job with Bauer Media and my freelance job with! Loving them both and excited for what the future will hold!

While I write for bigcitylittleblog, one of the other responsibilities I have is attending events to write about. I attended a fitness event two weeks ago and received a TomTom fitness watch. It is my utmost motivation to workout again. This cool, cute little toy allows me to save my workouts, store music, track my heart rate and sleep patterns, as well as many other fascinating things.

I’ve been having fun with it! and I’m loving the results it’s producing. I haven’t quite tried the sleep tracker portion of the watch but I will be this week! Definitely need to know if I’m getting enough beauty sleep, especially with the gorgeous designer bags (under my eyes) that I have! Lol.

Well I hope that everyone is having a glorious Monday and if you interested in buying a TomTom, head over to their site now!





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