Everything is better Naked: Nutritious Protein Powder

Naked Nutrition y’all chile! I couldn’t wait to share what protein powder has really been kicking up the nutrition in my diet. Keep reading for more!

I have always hated protein powders for the sole reason that I chalk was never meant to be eaten! I’m super big on food textures and tastes, and I’ve instantly been turned off by plenty of protein powders until Naked Nutrition MASS!

In addition to protein powders taste, lately I’ve been paying keen attention to what I put into my body. I’ve found in the past that while some powders were helping me build muscle and maintain weight, I often felt sluggish after consuming them.

So those are the TWO biggest reasons as to why I keep ordering this particular protein powder.

I’ve been on this powder for about a year. I purchased it mainly to gain weight after the flu nearly erased me, but after I put the weight back on I found that I really enjoy my smoothies with this powder.

You can use it as a meal filler, whenever I’m hungry between meals I gravitate towards a smoothie. NAKED MASS isn’t solely for bodybuilders or gym fanatics! They can be for the everyday person just looking to add a little more nutrition to their diet. (Which is great because typically we are told not to consume protein powders if we’re not exercising).

I also like to drink this now in the mornings with my coffee, this is definitely a favorite for me and gives me an extra boost of energy for my longer days!

Naked MASS isn’t the only product available too. I’m dying to try is their Naked Pea + Matcha! They’ve got tons to choose from and what makes them so great is the product is essentially “naked” without the added ingredients that can be found in other powders (hence my sluggish feeling in the past).So if you are looking for more nutrition head over to their site!


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