Super Affordable Workout Clothes that’ll keep you motivated!

I often find myself asking the question, “do you really want to do this?” every time I get ready to go to the gym! Being motivated is one thing, but staying motivated is another thing entirely. So want to know the one thing (besides tangible results) that keeps me running towards my workouts? NEW AFFORDABLE WORKOUT CLOTHES!

Shopping comes naturally for me, always has and always will but I can honestly say there are certain things that I get more excited for when shopping! A new pair of shoes, a new home decor item and a new pair of fitness leggings. These items extend beyond me, they’re apart of my daily, weekly routines, so why wouldn’t that excite me!

Finding a sale item also excites me which is why I’m eager to share the top 3 brands that I used to shop for workout gear!


When I first stumbled on Shein I was a little skeptical. They are extremely up to date on trends, with inexpensive prices. I figured it was probably terribly made. I often shop discount stores, but they’re always a few steps behind the trends. To my amazement, each item that I’ve purchased for Shein wowed me with their quality. Now I also read reviews whenever purchasing online to make sure that I’m not being punked when I see a cute duvet cover for $12 (Room decor post), which is how I’m able to find great buys at a great price.


My massive shopping cart purchases are always from boohoo. During their % off sales, I head straight to the sale section, sort from low price to high and add as many things as I can into my cart! This is how I’m able to purchase 12-16 items for $50 or less! Don’t be afraid to shop the sale, fashion always repeats, just like the seasons, so just because you may not need it now, you will probably need it later.


My trip to Europe in 2015 consisted of so many things, one in particular PRIMARK! I fell in love with the store and was so sad to have to leave it behind. Fast forward to 2018 and my boyfriend filled me into the Primark located in South Jersey. It was a blessing that it was that far from me, God knew that I would break the bank shopping in a store like that regularly… BUT THEN came the Brooklyn store, the Staten Island store and the Danbury CT store! All within a reasonable distance from me and 2 of them are extremely close to where I travel for work. I’ve made a new habit of stopping in on my way home!

Sooooooo moral of the story is! Save your pennies, eat your veggies, hit them squats and stay motivated with affordable workout clothes!


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