Why you should attend Curlfest

Photo Credit: Ryan Darius

Every July I head to NYC for one of the best festivals in town! Haven’t been to Curlfest before? Well hopefully after reading this you’ll be inspired to go!

When I attended Curlfest 2017 I was asked by Yahoo Style how would I describe my curls…I said FREE! Growing up, whether at home or in my community, your hair is pretty much everything. The length, the straightness, where it falls on the meter of perfection; it is seen as a defining point of what makes a woman beautiful. When I made the decision to transition (from relaxed hair to natural hair) in 2011 I felt a sense of freedom, free from the need to be perfect, to be tamed, to constantly having to worry about how my hair looked. Is it long enough, is it in “order.”

My hair is beautiful just the way it is, each curl in every direction that it goes, I like to think that it has a lot of personalities! I’m reminded of that feeling, that freedom to be myself and embrace my differences every time I attend Curlfest!

This year I had the pleasure to attend Curlfest with DevaCurl and a bomb group of women; each of us with different textures, lengths, and colors! This is Curlfest, my friends, it’s an amazing experience and a sight to see so many differences wrapped up in beauty, empowerment, and acceptance! Not to mention, I keep seeing more men flaunting their natural hair and I love it! The festival is definitely geared towards women but every year it gets bigger and every year there are more men!

Photo Credit: DevaCurlĀ 

What I love most about the festival, in my opinion, is there’s no need to feel insecure about your hair. Whatever stage you are at in your hair journey I guarantee is represented and seen at this festival, and that’s why I believe it keeps growing the way it does every year!

Good vibes, good food, good people and an abundance of good* and beautiful HAIR!

**Good hair is healthy hair, and that’s that!**


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