Biote Skincare: Skin that looks natural and healthy

Having clear, healthy skin is always the goal! So I’m always grateful when I’m sent skincare products to review! Wanna see how Biote worked on my skin? Then keep reading!.

Skintype: Dry/Combination

Problems: Large Pores


Cystic Acne




Now that we’ve got the basis down let’s dive into Biote! Biote is a skincare line that works to fight aging, smooth and renew your skin! With natural, botanical blends and sea extracts this line truly does allow your skin to retain it’s natural feel while correcting any specific issues that your skin has.

From the first day I used Biote, I instantly noticed the amount of moisture within the products. From them moisturizer to the cleanser and the exfoliator and serum! This is what my skin needs, a product that will fight dirt and bacteria but won’t strip away my natural moisture! I was very thankful for that. After just a few weeks of use, I also noticed that my skin had a tighter feel and the texture issues I had near my forhead were becoming less noticeable.

The products: Biote SkincareΒ 

Facial Cleanser:

This cleanser is so soothing, my skin was never red or irritated after use. It kept my cystic acne in check as well which is pretty hard to do! One con that I would say about this cleanser is if you have any bit of makeup on, I’d remove it before use. The cleanser wasn’t able to thoroughly remove any makeup residue that was left over from my wipes!

Exfoliator | Micro Skin Refiner:

This exfoliator is still in my skincare routine today! I don’t know how Biote was able to create an exfoliator that goes deep into your pores but also works well with sensitive skin. Some of the exfoliators I’ve used in the past would irritate the crap out of my cystic breakouts which was extremely frustrating. But not this exfoliator, it keeps my skin smooth without irritating it!

Replenishing Serum:

This serum was phenomenal! I believe that it helped with some of the discoloration I had around my mouth. For those with oily skin, I would use it sparingly, because once my skin switched over to combination I noticed that it would get oiler throughout the day!

Moisturizer | Multi C Fortifying Creme:Β 

This moisturizer was great! I typically don’t like to use anti aging products too soon as I find my skin doesn’t handle it well, but this product worked wonders. It was also able to help with the hyper-pigmentation around my mouth which I loved!

If you’ve never tried Biote’s products, definitely give them a try! I was very happy with the changes on my skin so I’m sure you will be too!



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