Beauty Babble: Best products for your overall health

Guilty! I am definitely amongst those who focus on their outward appearance more than their inward health. I often forget that while my face, my body and my hair may look “healthy” the rest of me may not be. Recently I purchase products that have been super helpful for my overall health!

Two years ago I had the best annual physical results of my life. My doctor said I was in great health and that all my bloodwork came back spot on to what the health world deems great!

I never thought that would excite me as much as it did, but as time went on I started to slack off and it wasn’t until I noticed changes in my skin and hair that I adjusted what I was putting inside of my body.

Fast forward to 2018 and my physical was “fair.” I was healthy but I had new health problems that I knew stemmed from me slacking off!


My sister put me on to acidophilus in 2016 and it really helped get my favorite ehem flower in order! Kept me out of the OBGYN’s office!

A few weeks ago I started to look into probiotic-prebiotic supplements and found this!

Let me tell y’all, I’ve never had a product work so fast! I read the reviews and was expecting to see some changes in a few weeks, but I kid you not, 4 days after taking two delicious gummies a day my stomach was going downhill.

I had sooooooo much stomach gas! I was bloated and extremely uncomfortable and for the life of me…tmi… I couldn’t get the gas to escape my body!

So I went to my friend Google, did some research and found that my body must have a lot of junk it in and the introduction to this new supplement was overwhelming. I switched to taking one gummy a day and then it was a go! Not only do I feel better, I’m having better bowels as my mom calls it, but I also noticed that my lower abs are more defined. I was able to break through all that bloating that I would write off as my “forever ongoing PMS.”

I love taking this supplement, and it tastes so good I almost had 3 one day! I’m excited to see more changes throughout my body as I continue on this journey!

Vanity Planet All in One Spin Brush

I have a Clarisonic Mia, is was gifted to me and I loved it back then! Definitely saw changes on my skin such as small pores, but like most things I try to add to my routine, it faded away. I got tired of having to clean it; remembering to charge it and keep it away from the sink so that it wouldn’t get soaked. I also realized that while spin brushes are helpful, I was still able to achieve the same results with my two God given hands.

Recently I’ve been on a hunt to lighten my underarm area. This hasn’t really been an issue for me since I’ve fallen in love with lotion, but I started to notice the skin discoloration and didn’t want to wait until the problem was super apparent.

What I found online is that properly exfoliating your underarms can help with discoloration and also your “scent.” Which leads me to another product shout out! Kopari Coconut Deodorant! Smells great, free from all the bad stuff and doesn’t create build up under my arms!

Back to vanity planet, I use this spin brush under my arms daily but only turn on the brush to exfoliate twice a week. What also makes me love it so much more than my previous brush is I can take it in the shower, it’s battery operated and it comes with 3 other brushes (pumice, face, face exfoliate). I can use it all over my body!

I’m really enjoying this health kick I’m on and I hope it lasts, because this is the only body I have on this earth and I’m definitely past the age where my mom is the one whose making sure I take care of it!

Definitely check out Vanity Planet, Kopari and Up4 supplements! They’ve got a variety and can certainly fit your specific needs!


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