How to stack rings in style

I have a confession to make…I have a lot of rings, just bought a ton more, but I typically wear one ring daily, two if I’m feeling fancy! So of course to my surprise, I was confused when the stackable ring trend caught my heart! Click to see how I stack my rings in style!

Stackable rings are the “it” thing atm! 4, 5, 6 rings per hand are deemed fashionable, but for everything…it has to be done right! Before we get to stacking, let’s talk about my newest rings and two in particular that I am in love with!

Jess Awad Jewelry,  I mean look at them guys, they are elegant, classy and look super expensive, but cost me no more than $60! These two dainty rings truly compliment any hand, which is why I love Jess’ products. I’ve seen these two rings on short fingers, long fingers, big hands and small. Each possessing a simplistic elegance!  I’m even thinking of branching out and ordering one of her bracelets! They’re too beautiful to resist.

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

  1. Jewels, gems, and Pearls- When stacking rings that have different shapes, try to pair similar rings. Too many jewels or shapes can be overwhelming! 
  2. Midi Rings- midi rings make stacking super easy! I typically like to stack midi rings on my biggest finger or my middle finger. I find when choosing the right midi ring to stack, its best to choose a simple one that doesn’t take away from the larger ring beneath it. 
  3. Band rings- Another simple way to stack is doubling bands. Find a solid band ring and pair it with a rope band ring. Pretty straightforward but an easy way to add more rings to your hand. 
  4. Don’t mix metals- I’m all here for mixing metals when it comes to my jewelry overall, but for stacking rings I find it can get a little crazy. If you love mixing metals try to create a pattern (silver, copper, gold) and repeat that as you stack! 

*Apart from the Jess Awad rings, all other rings were purchased at Forever21*


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