Heat Challenge

So for the past 5 months I’ve been heat free! And boy, it wasn’t easy, but the results were worth it. I’m going to give you the inside tips and tricks to staying away from heat.

My Challenge:

I am now two and half years natural and loving it! When I decided I was done with perms and relaxers, I wasn’t quite ready for the BC (Big Chop). I instead decided I was going to transition naturally. For the first 8 months my hair was always straight. I continued my weekly routines of blow-outs and straightening as if it was still relaxed. June 2013, I decided to try braid/twist outs and fell in love. Of course my attention span was not satisfied and I got into another routine of braid-outs one month, straight hair the next. This past December I decided to commit fully to being a naturalista as I was getting ready to embark on a new journey in Barcelona, Spain for the next 4 months. Now when I say no heat, I mean 0 heat, WHAT. SO. EVER. That means no blowing drying that damp twist out, no straightening my roots, nothing at all! I thought it would be simple at first, but I was in for a big surprise.

I thank God, that I have fellow naturalistas to give me creative ideas, because if I didn’t, at that two-month mark, this heat challenge would have been over.

Here are some of the tricks I used to survive:

Air-dry braid out:

Screen shot 2014-07-05 at 8.25.30 PM

Let hair air-dry after shower a little to ensure that it will dry overnight

Crown braid (perfect to protect those ends!)


Cornrow bun- funky protective style that lasts for quite some time


Side Swept Braid out- way to switch up from traditional braid out when you get bored!


Let me tell you, the struggle was REAL but it was worth the wait. My hair grew about 4 inches! And it feels healthier than it has ever been. This heat challenge isn’t just for naturalistas and curly-haired gals. It is something that everyone should try to get your hair to be healthier. Whether it is three weeks or half a year, start today and give your hair a heat- break!

Be Patient!


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