Event Planning by day, Saving lives by night!

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What can I say about the lovely Pearletta Tenny? Not only is she a beautiful young lady, one of whom I have the pleasure of calling friend, but she’s also my google health doctor, personal walking Pinterest and a true inspiration! Wanna know more? I state this with confidence that the future Dr. Tenny will not only be saving lives, but one of the best event planners there is! Keep reading to see how she juggles these two different career choices and what she hopes for in the future.


What  made you realize that you wanted to go into the field of nursing? 

I chose the field of nursing because I wanted to place myself in a position where I can serve people with all that I can as well as where I can experience the honor of helping them through some of  their most vulnerable experiences – life, death and everything in between.  

What are the 3 things you love most about the field of nursing? 

The adrenalin rush, the ability to see progress, the honorable place to be there for people behind the masked faces we place in society. 


Now I know you also enjoy event planning as well, what inspired your passion that? 

My joy and excitement for the combination  interior decor + the logistics of an event! 

Who are your top 3-5 event planners? 

Mmmhmm that’s hard! But I would say my top 3: David (Amazinng) Tutera, Mindy Weiss, Karen Tran

What is an event you would like to plan in the future? 

That’s so hard! An event I’d love to plan in the future – perhaps some sort of gala where I can infuse the aesthetics of a luxe, elegant wedding! 


Nursing and event planning are pretty different. How do you plan to incorporate nursing and event planning? 

Very much so! So the standard scheduling of a full time RN is 3 days per ( about a 7 day week) which happens to be flexible,  therefore on my off days and days after work, I plan to execute the planning and execution segments. I have no problem staying up late to get the logistics together via web, phone calls, or whatever avenue that’s necessary. It’s definitely going to be an interesting juggle, but I know – God willingly, I can do absolutely all things through Christ with extended energy!




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