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I love being able to blog and I love reading fantastic blogs even more! These two ladies are phenomenal and I look forward to every new post. Courtney and Manja are both the perfect combination of fashion and humor which is reflected when they write. Keep reading to find out a little more about them and their remarkable blogs!

Courtney Stith and I have been friends since we were little; she’s more like a sister, than a friend and she will forever be my fashion consultant. Courtney is a senior at Howard University studying marketing and best believe she will be amongst the top fashion stylists one day! How could you not love Court? On top of being stylish, she’s absolutely adorable. I’m honored to call her one of my closest friends.

Maybe I’m – for the girls falling in love with themselves

What is the purpose of your blog? 

My blog is a lifestyle/fashion blog geared toward young women to help in the transitional period between being a girl and becoming a woman. I want to assist them in the discovery of all the things that make us uniquely beautiful.

What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself ?

Eclectic, unpredictable, intellectual

Who is your icon and why? 

My Nana. She’s the highest standard of a woman I’ve ever had. Strong, poised, resilient, and everything in between. 

What are 5 things you always have in your purse? 

My phone, Nude lipstick, cash, a notepad, and bobby pins. 


I had the pleasure of meeting Manja Nikolin last summer at our lovely second home, Nordstrom. She’s definitely a showstopper. Tall, brunette, Serbian bombshell! Besides her beauty, she has to be one of the realest and funniest people I know. Not to mention my personal editor…in life, always correcting my grammatical errors (usually when I don’t want her to, ha). I constantly look forward to our interactions because they are always extraordinary.

Sinner In a – All things personal, at times fitted, mostly witty

What is the purpose of your blog? 

It’s a way for me to showcase my passion for creativity, photography and writing in one place. I just recently started to post my poetry. My photography is usually spur of the moment. Last week I had the urge to drive down to the beach at like 6AM. Luckily, my friend Ashley was more than willing to accompany me and we just started snapping away. It was my last post. My blog is a lot more fun to work on when it’s not planned and it’s even more fun when my friends are eager to take part. I find beauty in every moment and love to capture it. 

What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself? 

Goofy, clumsy, always hungry. Was that was 4? Oops. I’m on a roll. Friendly, spontaneous, sarcastic, motivating. 8!

Who is your icon and why? 

Audrey Hepburn. A classic beauty, channeling elegance, grace and happiness in every moment. It’s a great way to live life. 

What are 5 things you always have in your purse?

Oh man let’s see… Water, snacks (shocker), lip liner, a hairbrush… Hair spray. And I wonder why my friends call me a walking hair salon. 

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