Here comes the Sun: How to transition between seasons

Wishful thinking, spring is almost here..I think! But in the meantime here’s a few tips on how to dress for the in between.

Finding outfits that work for both winter and spring has to be the most difficult seasonal transition ever! The two seasons are the most contrasting (which is why I usually get the sniffles around this time). One day is 73 and the next is 30!

Here are a few tips that I’ve found helpful when trying to transition between seasons:

  1. Spring Colors- Winter textures:Β Thankfully the fashion trends have re-introduced one of my favorite trends. Pastel-Spring colors on winter items. This beautiful Zara coat would not be the same if it weren’t for the perfect combination of orange and yellow!Β 
  2. Coats- Spring (jumpsuit, dress, whatever you like): Since were on this beautiful coat, it truly did pull out every color of my island-feelΒ  chiffon jumpsuit. Chiffon has always been known to be spring/summer material, but with a winter coat is pairs wonderfully for the in between.Β 
  3. Layer up…lightly: You”ll never catch me in the middle of winter with less than 3 layers on, if you do by any chance, I’ll probably only be exposed for less than 34 seconds. One way transition in between winter and spring is to layer up- but lightly. I threw on a rather thin turtleneck underneath my jumpsuit to pull it all together.

How do you dress in between seasons?


Coat- Zara

Jumpsuit- Dor L Dor

Turtleneck- HM

Shoes- JcPenney



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