The Year of Boss Women: Suit up

I love me a good suit, but moreover, I love the people behind them! SUIT UP!

Who said male suits were just for men? Fun fact: when I was younger I said to myself…” self, what job requires you to wear suits…whatever job that may be..pick that one.” And that my friends is how I decided I wanted to work in NYC for a corporation that allows me to wear fashion suits daily (ehem cue Devil Wears Prada)!

A good suit provokes a boss mentality! I can’t help but feel great in one! And I am loving the new trend of women in suits. Just solidifying the era of WOMEN! We are all great, we all have something great to do, whether you’re in a suit or not, but I mean the suit does take it to the next level!

What are your thoughts on women wearing suits? Let me know in the comments below!

Photographer: Elyse Ketura


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