The perfect Holiday dresses

Counting down, we are 6 days away from Christmas! So if you haven’t figured out your last minute looks for this special day or the last minute parties then I have two of the most perfect holiday dresses for you!

*Sings* it’s the most wonderful timeeeeeee of the year!! I absolutely love the holiday season. It has to be one of the best seasons for me, right next to my birthday of course. I love Christmas music, movies, the trees, the lights, the candy and of course the holiday looks! December is my month to play dress up (which I love doing), because of all the events that lead up to NYE!

I will admit though, finding something that fits well, is festive, priced well, and every Sally, Jane and Sarah haven’t already snagged from the stores can be difficult. So for this holiday season, I shopped on Rent The Runway! They always have new items and are perfect for seasons like this when you need multiple outfits!

Fell in love would be a understatement for how I feel about these two dresses. They are both very Christamsey and could be used for whatever type of Holiday setting that you’ll be in.

“My presence is a present,” so I decided to dress up as gift. L O L πŸ˜‚Β I really do make myself laugh sometimes! But no seriously, doesn’t this dress look like an extravagant Christmas bow! Per-son-al-ity! I paired it with a subtle and sheer white long sleeve shirt to add to the Christmas vibes!

And to take it all the way over the top, I threw on my black velvet bow heels!

Knit dresses are a gift from God. I almost took a nap in the dress! It was so comfortable and the fit was just right. Slim enough to create shape, but not so tight that you can see very detail on my body! I’m also becoming a very big fan of color blocking; being able to wear multiple colors in one piece of clothing sounds like a dream!

The maxi length dress of this dress made it simple to pair my black patent leather heels with! I am in love with this look and had a very hard time giving this dress back!

Photographed by Elyse Ketura PhotographyΒ 

What’s your favorite part about the holiday season?


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