The art of color blocking: Spring ready!

Pick a color, any color…and whatever the next most obnoxious color you can think of, pair it with the first. And there you have it my friend, the art of color blocking.

We all need a little color in our lives! I like to believe I have ALOT of it! Reds, oranges, blues, hot pinks, yellow, bright greens and all. You name it, and it’s most likely in my closet! Which makes color blocking one of my favorite things!

The real definition of color blocking:  the art of taking colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations.

I just love this form of exploration when it comes to my style. Colors that I would never have thought to pair together actually look pretty cool. And being that fashion has no rules, whatever combination you come up with is bound to be deemed stylish! 

What’s your favorite color combination? Let me know in the comments below.




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