How to style a belt bag

My most hated accessory would have to be BAGS! They get in the way, they’re often super heavy and they constrict me. Well, I’ve finally found the type of bag that was invented me—belt bag. Keep reading to see how I style belt bags!

What I love most about this trend, is at some point everyone can appreciate it. Even my mother, who doesn’t carry bags smaller than the size of our house so that she can fit all the necessary items it in (I use the word “necessary” loosely) thought that my belt bag was cute and convenient. They work as an everyday bag for gals like me, OR as a purse for a vacation/theme park! Whatever the reason or use of them, they are always fashionable!

How to style belt bags:

  1. Crossbody aka across your shoulder – This is my ultimate favorite way to wear belt bags. It is easily accessible, close to me (fear of getting pickpocketed) AND it doesn’t get in the way when I have to hug someone. I also never need to take it off because it’s positioned in a way that it doesn’t interfere with my movements! Dress up OR down. (Hint: Shorten strap on a mini crossbody bag to make it a belt bag ↓) BAG: Furla
  2. Fanny pack – I don’t rock my bags this way often but more recently I am switching it up. When wearing a belt bag like a fanny pack make sure it’s not too low (bad example here). This is also a more casual/sporty approach to a belt bag. 
  3. Waist/corset belt – Need a corset belt? Grab your belt bag. I find this position for the bag to bring similar comfort as a crossbody until the belt notch is too tight. What I will say I love about styling the bag this way is that it is classy and simple. It is the dressier part to the fanny pack style. BAG: See by Chloe

Are you enjoying the belt bag trend as much as I am? Let me know in the comments below!





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