How to style a romper 3 ways during the summer

If you could be any article of clothing, what would you be and why? I’d be a romper, because how else could I style an outfit 3 ways during the summer!

Wanna know why I love rompers for the summer? One outfit with endless breathability…I mean possibility! But then again, I love a good breeze in those very much needed areas during the summer! No one wants to be uncomfortably sweating in all the wrong places.

With rompers, you don’t have to put much effort into your summer fit and you can stay cool, calm and classy while wearing it!

A concert, Festival, Supermarket (if you bourgeois)

Summers are filled with late warm nights, festivals and concerts! But with that late warmth comes humidity and personally, humidity makes me irritable. My skin starts to itch and I feel as if every little thing in the entire world is crawling on me. Which leads me to my next point, when it’s hot and humid, don’t wear pants, don’t wear multiple items, don’t layer up…wear a romper.


I could brunch all year long, but I especially love brunching during the summer! It just feels right. I feel like whoever created brunch, created it during the summer. Now if you are going to brunch, you should expect to leave with your belly at max capacity. Which means, no jeans, no skirts, nothing that will constrict the waist area, just grab a romper sis!


Date NightΒ 

Date night should never be stressful, it should be easy with a sassy yet simple look! Whenever a pair of heels is added to a romper look it takes it to the next level, it makes it “date” appropriate but still super comfy!

How do you feel about rompers? Best thing ever OR I’d rather not strip down when it’s time to go to the pottie?Β  Let me know in the comments below.


denim jacket // blue sandals // romper

burgundy sandals // brown bag //



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