A little bit of spring in Winter

I think that the mind is a powerful thing, I often imagine myself in Miami to combat the cold winter air, trust me it works! But when that fades or my mind is exhausted I simple add a little bit of spring to my winter!

If you live in the tri-state area then you know that we’ve had what feels like a very long winter, well to me at least! I swear it snows every other day. But with the cold air, I’ve found comfort in beautiful things. Like this fuzzy fur coat for example! My artist described it as a fuzzy blanket that’s stylish.

Comfortable, that’s what it truly is! I could stay in it all day! The dusty rose is my personal favorite touch on this coat. Paired with my pink vans I felt like I was bringing a little bit of spring into winter. So I’m hoping that this weekend was the groundhog doesn’t see it’s shadow, because although winter has been fun…who am I kidding, it hasn’t been fun, it’s been endurable and I’m very much looking forward to this change in temperature!

This year, fashion (Vogue trends) hasn’t been shy of throwing bright spring/summer colors into winter attire and I certainly wanted to join in on the party! Typically these pink vans only make an appearance during the spring and summertime with shorts and crop tops, but I figured I’d switch it up!

Spring in Winter


Photographed by Elyse Ketura Photography 



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