Days & Nights w/ Threadstodisco

Funky, vintage, reworked fashion! If you haven’t noticed, my most recent brand collaborations focus on a style that is timeless! Another particular reason that I love my items from Threadstodisco; This polka dot crop top to be exact!Β 

When it comes to having space in my closet, I’m almost out of room! So I’m always excited for items that can be reworked into different outfits, saving me the time and energy of looking for a new piece of clothing! As a part-time blogger, social media specialist and an active member in my church home, I can get super busy! Sometimes so busy that I don’t have time to think of two different outfits for two very separate occasions. This look was created for the busy girl. Whether you’re fabulously walking your dog after a lunch date, or quickly combing through your closet for something sassy to go out in, this pretty top can be rearranged for whatever occasion!

DAY //

Yes, I know that it’s winter, but that doesn’t mean your crop tops have to be put away. Pair them with some (not so high waisted) jeans and a fur jacket to keep you warm!


You see that little red insert in the middle of the top, it’s removable (*heart eyes*)! Thus creating a different look for the evening.Β  Black always makes an outfit look better! So I paired my top with my long black jacket, knit high slit skirt and these beautiful thigh high boots!

Photographed by: Elyse Ketura PhotographyΒ 

Dog Model- StewieΒ 


top- Threadstodisco

jeans- Kohls


coat- Burlington

glasses- hm


top- Threadstodisco

skirt- Nordstrom

boots- EGO Official

Coat- Nordstrom Rack




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