NEW Year Same ME

NEW Year same ME, just bigger and better! This year has most definitely been a turning point in my life. I’ve learned so much about myself and I am so excited for what God is bringing into my life in 2018! So hats off to this year of preparation and understanding, and let’s welcome the year of change (2018)!Β 

No matter where or how you celebrate, NYE is one of the most important times to bring out your best fit as you put your best foot forward into the New Year!

I teamed up with the beautiful Nathalia, my model friend and designs by House of Chic LA & Coco Fashion. Phenomenal face beat by Shada and a nice trip to M23 Projects in Brooklyn, NY! We have set the stage for your New Years celebration and I hope that you find some inspo for your looks!

Happy New Year!

Photography by Elyse Ketura Photography


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