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There are two things in life that one should not live without… one is fashion and the other is food! Read all about my wonderful brand collaboration with these fabulous women!

I was approached by my co worker for this brand collaboration, her name is Jess, and she’s amazing! Currently she’s running a gluten-free blog that has my tubby self craving her gluten-free recipes! She truly goes against the stereotypical belief that gluten-free food can’t be good, because from what I’ve seen and heard about her recipes, gluten-free is the it thing!

I have always loved fashion. The creativity, the originality and the way that it can carry a conversation. Similarly, I feel the same way about food. Coming from a Latin family, food is most definitely the center of almost every conversation we have! So why not combine the two! Start a conversation that will last for hours, days, years, it’s only right!

For this brand collaboration I had the pleasure of meeting two entrepreneurial women, Merica and Sufia! Merica, designer of eco-friendly knitwear that can easily transition from the comfort of your couch to the middle of the dance floor. I love fabric that breathes and makes me feel as if I’m not wearing much! Her knitwear does just that, I could of relaxed in it for hours! Now although my taste buds can’t handle much hot sauce, I was so eager to meet Sufia of Silly Chilly Hotsauce! Her go-getter attitude is truly inspiring! I just love me some determined women!

WE set out for a beautiful lunch feast in Van Vorst Park! Turned one too many heads and truly just enjoyed each other’s company! I’m looking forward to the next time I can meet up with these ladies!

Whether is hot sauce, knitwear or a gluten-free recipe you just have to try, check out what these ladies are up to!


Special shoutout to Krumville Bake Shop and Another Man’s Treasure for being apart of this shoot!

Breads & quiches @krumvillebakeshop

Sauces @sillychillyhotsauce

Table cloths & jackets @amtvintage

Knitwear @shopniaclothing

Styling @shopniaclothing

Photography @umeglutenfree

Prop styling @umeglutenfree

Fashion x Food | Photographed by Jess Maiuro


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