The Future of Fashion: NIA, Eco-friendly knitwear

They say that fashion repeats itself every 10 years, but why not re-invent itself in a better way! Eco-friendly clothing is the future of what fashion needs, to not only to up our style game but protect our world too!

NIA knitwear, designed by Merica Kahn, is looking to the future! “With the vast amounts of ‘fast fashion’ discards piling up in our landfills, I wanted to design a line of clothing that could outlast the trends.” (about us on  Not to mention her pieces are versatile and fashionable! I’m particularly loving her reversible bodycon dress.

Each piece is 100% organic soy/cotton blend easily making them the most comfortable items of clothing I’ve ever worn. I always look for a way to be comfy and cute, it’s my fashion motto and I’m thankful to have come across her beautiful designs.

Here are her newest pieces for Fall. You can style them up or keep the casual! Whichever you prefer, know that you’re taking part in keeping our planet safer with your fashion choices.



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