Best swimsuits for 2019

More summer, more swimsuits! Looking for trendy swimwear for the season? Here are the best swimsuits for 2019!

I shop for new swimsuits every year! I know this seems excessive, being that swimsuits are only worn for 3-4 months out of the year, but trends are forever changing and it’s hard not get the newest and cutest bikini in the window!

From cutouts to animal prints, swimsuits can express a different mood for different people! What I’m loving about the 2019 swimsuit trend is diversity! Bikinis used to be the “it thing,” but I’ve seen so many stylish and figure-flattering swimsuits that work for so many different body types!

Animal Print | Specifically leopard print has been the big thing, but I’m really digging any type of animal/tribal feel. I spotted this one at HM on my way out the store and had to turn back for it. I just love the dainty elements and the pleats! |Swimsuit | Cover Up

Cut Outs | Surprise, surprise this entire look is DIY’d! This black swimsuit didn’t have a cut-out and had a frilly neckline. I wanted to challenge myself with this re-work and two years later I’m still holding on to this bathing suit because it just looks so good!

Classic Red | Not matter what the trends say, red is always in! It’s like black; a staple that needs to be in everyone’s closet. I’ve had a red swimmy for quite so time, but I needed to update the top. Thankfully, scoop necks are also in this year, which help give a nice shape to my itty bitties. |Swimsuit | Denim Shirt |

Textured | What I love the most about textured swimsuits is the extra layer of thickness. I have never been a fan of thin, skimpy swimsuits. Not trying to show all the goods! The texture also adds hugs in all the right places. This bathing suit is illusional, I promise some of the things you’re seeing aren’t real, haha. | Cover Up | Swimsuit |

Neon Green |but this isn’t neon. While my regular neon green clothing items stand out on their own. This green swimmy didn’t need to the neon aspects to be bright! In the sun it radiates and reflects and you can’t help but look at this bold and beautiful color. |Swimsuit | Cover Up|


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