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Now if you read my previous post you now know that I was living in another country for 4 months. It was the most life-changing experience I’ve ever had, but the hardest hit to my wardrobe department. I left the country with an overweight bag and came back with an extra one and still overweight. So it is safe to say that I tried. It is not my fault that my definition of packing “light” did not meet the international baggage requirements. I went through two seasons people, I needed to make sure I was prepared. And as prepared as I thought I was, I still found myself saying, “ I cannot believe I left that at home!” Or “I have no clothes!” My ultimate favorite is “Yep, time to go shopping again.” Talk about tapping into your creative instincts, I had to replicate two and half weeks worth of clothing for 4 months! By far my greatest fashion challenge yet. But with every challenge there is something to be learned.


Creative Closet was designed to show you how to stretch your wardrobe and save your money. Instead of going out to buy something new, look into your closet and see what you have. Learn to change things up, wear them differently and watch your closet go from ordinary to endless possibilities of fashion opportunities.


Day and Night!

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