How to make a no-sew velvet pillow

I have been in love with the velvet trend lately! Velvet clothing, velvet shoes, velvet blankets, you name it! So I decided I wanted to create this simple, velvet pillow cover to fill my velvet needs!

For this product you will need the following items:

Fabric – JoAnn’s

E6000 glue- JoAnnn’s

Hot Glue- Michael’s Craft Store

Step 1:

Measure fabric to pillow. Cut fabric into a rectangle shape, leaving room for error around the perimeter of the pillow.

Step 2:

Center Pillow on fabric.

Step 3:

Fold longer side of fabric to the center of the pillow. Be sure to overlap. Once you have measured the appropriate amount, cut the excess.

Step 4:

Use white marker or chalk to outline pillow markings on fabric

Step 5:

Glue both sides of the velvet pillow. (E6000 first, then Hot Glue) Do not glue the center flaps of the fabric as that is the insert area for the velvet pillow.

Step 6:

Once glue has dried, flip fabric right side up and stuff your velvet pillow!

If you’d like to watch the video tutorial you can find it on my Youtube channel here!


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