DIY: Shoe Shelf

“Everyone has an addiction, mine happens to be shoes.” I have a problem that was growing into a bigger problem, and it all relates back to shoes! I may not have the biggest shoe collection, but I am a big fan of organization and the boxes were beginning to become overwhelming. Ten, twenty, forty shoes boxes stacked in my room? There had to be solution to this problem.

So I did a little researching and found this crazy cute idea of a shoe shelf! Super easy, super cute and super practical for shoe lovers! I found everything I needed at home depot and it ended up being a lot cheaper than it would have been to buy a shoe bookcase (which was the original plan). If you are a shoe fanatic and are tired of the messy, cluttery (not a real word), shoe situation that is lurking in your room or closet, check out my super cool DIY Shoe shelf and other cute shoe storage ideas I found!

My Shoe Shelf
My Shoe Shelf

Step 1:

Measure the space where you would like to build your shelf.

Step 2:

Buy the correct supplies. I bought everything I needed at home depot. You will need:

Dry anchors, screws

6 shelves

12 brackets

Step 3:

Here is the video that I followed when putting up my shelves.

And there you have it, you’re organized!

These are some other cute and fun ideas for organizing your shoes:





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