The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him and Her!

Love is in the AIR! and although Valentine’s Day can be a special time for lovers, friends and family, finding the right gift can be a little difficult. Need some last minute ideas for the special day? Well then, keep reading my 2017 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Now before we jump in I’d like to remind you what Valentine’s Day is truly about, love. Love for your boyfriend or girlfriend; love for your bestie or mom; love for your annoying little brother who steals your socks. It’s a day about L O V E, and being that God is love, everyone should feel special on Valentine’s Day no matter what your current “relationship status” is!

I rallied a few people, single and taken, to give their advice of what they look for as a gift on Valentine’s Day. Let’s start with gifts for him.

Gift guide for Him: 

The general consensus: Give a gift that shows you were listening. Gifts that speak to who they are and what their interests consist of.

So he’s been raving about his favorite sports team? Get him game tickets! You don’t have to break the bank either, depending on your bank there are special times in which you can get discounts on tickets.

Likes to keep up on his fashion and style? Try a simple accessory like a watch or and engraved wallet. Something small but unique that he’ll have with him daily.


Gifts that can never go wrong: His favorite cologne, Home cooked Dinner (sentimental, personal,private and thoughtful), or a Shaving Kit!

You’ve got this ladies! Surprise him this year and give him something you know he’ll truly appreciate.

Gift guide for Her:

Similarly to the guys, most girls are looking for a gift that shows you’re attentive. And I know, us women can be complicated and indecisive, but if you pay attention to the little hints she’s been dropping, you’ll nail her gift head on!

A gift that can’t go wrong? Spa day and a Mani/pedi. We all like to be pampered and relaxation is essential for life!

If she pays particular attention to her lipstick, her winged liner and her brow game, get her a gift card to Sephora, Mac or Ulta. I know, I know gift cards are considered impersonal and last minute, but I guarantee if she’s a makeup junkie then she surely won’t complain!


She’s spending most of her time in the gym and is determined to reach her goal? Gift her with a session with a great trainer, a fun zumba class or a Soul cycle experience. Even a cute workout outfit is sure to let her know that you’ve been paying attention!

I know we’re complex, but just make it simple. Show her how much you care about what’s important or a current obsession in her life right now!

Solo on Valentine’s day? That’s okay! Make the day special by having a girls night in with your friends or  find a bar crawl with your boys. Try something different this year to show your loved ones you care!



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