Who likes counting calories?

I do not! And I know some of you must be saying, “you’re so skinny, why are you counting calories?” Well my fellow readers, I count my calories to make sure I’m actually eating enough food each day. Everyone who’s anyone knows that I’m a fatty, but lately I’ve been easily distracted and if I’m caught up in something else I will forget to eat. I started to notice slight changes in my body and I was definitely losing weight. So to get back on track, I started counting calories again!



I love Livestrong ! They have so many healthy eating tips for those who are to trying to lose or gain weight. They also have an amazing food tracking app called, MyPlate. On here they give you food suggestions, note your progress and also have chats so you can talk to others who are in a similar situation as you!


If you haven’t checked out my best friend, Laurice’s blog laurice-imani.com then you need to head over there right now! She’s blogging about her amazing weight loss journey and she’s doing great so far. She likes to use another app called myfitnesspal, which is wonderful as well!

I hope that everyone is trying to stay fit and healthy, not only for the summer, but making it a lifestyle! I am a very big advocate of taking care of your body in the best way that you can. So that doesn’t mean you have to compare yourselves to other, that means just focus on YOU! If you’re not a fan of running 5 miles a day, find something else that sparks your interest and stick with it. Whether you’re trying to lose 20 pounds or gain a few, don’t let others or the media get you down, progress is still progress and you’ll reach your goal if you keep pushing!



Kelsley Broomfield



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