1 Year Health Journey!

So I’m on this health journey which started on August 11! What I’m doing is taking my vitamins. I know, I know, I’m already supposed to be doing that but to be honest I usually only take vitamins when the doctor tells me I need to. And even when I do that it’s usually for about a week and then I stop. This time, I’m committed! So let’s talk about what I’m taking.

I’m taking a multi-vitamin just to make sure I’m getting everything that I might be missing when I eat. And so far so good. I feel healthier and I’m not as tired so I definitely needed the multi vitamin.  I’m also taking a Vitamin E supplement and testing that out to see if it helps my hair and skin, especially because we are heading to the winter months and this is usually when everything gets dry! The last of the three vitamins I’m taking is Biotin and this will be the one that I will update you guys on visually!

If you didn’t know, I cut my hair in June (of this year 2015) to my collarbone. As of today I would say that my hair grew about 2 inches in 4.5 months, with most of the growth from August until now. So for my hair I’d say the Biotin is working, but for my nails, not so much. My nails used to be super long, to the point where most people thought they were tips, but lately they’ve been growing slowly and breaking off easily.

On this journey with Biotin, I’m really trying to see a significant hair growth in hopes to be able to cut it off in June and donate it, which is something I thought I’d never be able to do. As far as my nails, I just want them to grow. I miss having long nails and I’m getting very tempted to put acrylic ones on again but I’m resisting.

So my journal of this journey starts today and I’ll try to update you guys about once a month!

Stay tuned! Xx


Photos for the first update:

Nails (Fall 2013) 











Nails (September 2015 

IMG_0667 IMG_0666








Hair Cut (June 2015) 

IMG_5326 IMG_5151







Hair Growth (September 2015)


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