Valentine’s Day Heart Tipped Nails

Looking for a nail design to fit the holiday? Try these super cute and simple heart tipped nails design inspired by HannahRoxIt + Paintbox. I came across this design on Pinterest via Paintbox and quickly looked online to see how to do. Thanks to HannahRoxIt’s video tutorial, I was able to recreate this nail art design in no time!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a super steady hand to create this look. Thankfully, the curve of the heart makes it easy to fix minor mistakes (that I definitely had). Wanna try it? Grab your favorite polishes and lets start!

What I used for my Heart Tipped Nails:

Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps 

Nicka K Smoother Nails Ridge Filler 

Mischo: Diana

Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat 

Step 1:

Apply your top coat. Be sure to apply only one coat since we are layering on a few polishes.

heart tipped nails

Step 2:

Apply your base color. I decided to go with a blush nude so that it didn’t differ too much from my actual nail color.

heart tipped nails

Step 3:

For the heart shape, be sure to brush along the edge of the bottle so there isn’t too much polish at the tip. Apply your first petal of the heart. Stay towards the center of the nail as opposed to the edge to create a nice rounded shape.

heart tipped nails

Step 4:

For the second heart petal, repeat the process from above. You can to stay closer to the center so that the nail tip doesn’t end up looking like a V.

heart tipped nails

Step 5:

Made a boo boo? no worries, simply dip the red polish back into the bottle and use the corner of the brush to round the edge of your error, lol.

Simple. Cute. Fun. Festive. Heart Tipped nails just in time for Valentine’s Day! If you try the design I’d love to see, #KelsleyNicolevday.


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