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Achieving the perfect wash n go is every natural girl’s dream or at least I think it is. But not every wash n go can give us the desired results. Sometimes it’s too much frizz, sometimes it’s lack of definition. If this is a concern for you then you have to try TGIN’s new Curl Bomb Moisturizing Styling Gel to get the most defined wash n go ever!

It was a hassle for me to get my hands on this product! The Curl Bomb Moisturizing Styling Gel is new to TGIN’s line so it’s not in many stores by me. I searched on Amazon Prime and luckily they had it. Unfortunately, it was shipped to the wrong address so I reordered it. But at last, I got my hands on this gel and it didn’t disappoint!

I shouldn’t have been surprised considering I already have the Leave in Conditioner, Shampoo and Daily Moisturizer from TGIN and they’ve done nothing but wonders for my hair! I really do appreciate products that focus first on moisturizing your hair rather then making it “look” good. You can have hair that looks good, but is unhealthy.

defined wash n go

Let’s Talk about this Defined Wash n Go

First off I’ll say that TGIN got the packaging for the Styling Gel just right. I love products with pumps. It keeps everything neat and put together. In terms of the smell, TGIN always comes through. For each product that I have there’s a sweet, yet light scent that makes me want to eat my hair. The Styling Gel is filled with olive oil, fruits + nettle leaf that add shine and moisture. First thing I noticed when I applied the styling gel was the watery-like consistency, which let me know that my hair was going to be super satisfied with this product!

defined wash n go

Now I have been stuck on my Eco Styling Gel for quite some time simply because of the definition + clumpage it provides. I was a little hesitant when I was applying the TGIN gel because I noticed that my curls weren’t clumping the way they normally do. But I gave it some time and started to see definition and clumpage ftw.

defined wash n go

One thing I did wish the gel would have gave me is more frizz control, but honestly with natural hair F R I Z Z happens (lol get the tee)! Still super satisfied with the final results.

Wanna see a step by step application of the product? Watch the video on my Youtube Channel!





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