Beauty Babble; #ipsy bag product review!

Hello babes and welcome to Beauty Babble! I love reviewing products, so each month I will have a “product review” of a set of items so that you can learn more about them before running out and purchasing them! This month I wanted to share with you my January #ipsy bag!

ˈbabəl- babble : talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited, or incomprehensible way!

Since I love reviewing products and I wanted to create a series where I can share my thoughts/opinions with you!  I will have a beauty babble featuring my ipsy bag, new hair products, lip products + pretty much anything else I think is worth reviewing. I hope this helps you narrow down the products you’re looking to purchase!

I subscribed to ipsy in September of 2016 because I wanted to branch away from some of my staple products! I also loved the idea of being able to test new things each month before committing to a purchase! I was even able to convince my mom to join me on the ipsy team.
So since I very much appreciate the test run of each ipsy bag I receive, I decided I would share and review with you what I get each month incase you were thinking of purchasing a specific item! I will always list the 5 items I receive monthly, but if I don’t review it, it probably means I didn’t like it. I haven’t had that issue so far, but you never know!

Let’s jump right in! This month I received this gorgeous metallic light blue bag with a super edgy feel. What I love about their bags is that they’re small, so I can use it for all sorts of things!

Inside my bag I got:

Ipsy Blending brush

FUN Nail laquer in TGIF

ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder in Bellini

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Fantasy 3 in 1 Eyeshadow

Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Wash Off Mask

I’ll start with my favorites. Whenever I receive a brush in my ipsy bag I’m thrilled. I’ve been needing to buy more brushes as my makeup looks evolve, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

This blending brush is lightweight and blends my eyeshadows beautifully without removing too much of the product!

Next, ModelCO Blush Powder. This color is radiant, I love that it’s pink enough to show up as a blush, but has enough highlight to give a flawless glow. My mom actually has the blush now but I’ll sneak and take it from time to time!
Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Wash Off Mask , I’ve only tried it once but what I can say so far is that it left my skin feeling nice and smooth, I hope that it will be able to help with some of the blackheads I have! Oooh and after I removed the mask I have a cooling feeling, I absolutely love products that give this effect, it lets me know that my pores are being sealed back up. (SN: always finish every skincare routine with cold water, this closes your pores and keeps bacteria from getting in)

The Manna Kadar Eyeshadow showed up nicely on my eyelids I just wish it was a bolder color. I don’t always wear eyeshadow but when I do I like bold things!

Last, but not least, the nail polish by FUN. I really don’t have any complaints about this product, I just ranked it last because I already have two that are similar so I wasn’t that excited for it.

And there you have it guys, my January ipsy bag review!

Wanna give Ipsy a try? Check out their beauty items here!

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