Je ne sais quoi | Vintage Fashion Look

Vintage fashion is always something that never goes out of style! The same could be said for Brasserie, a French restaurant with red couches and a touch of Paris! Both possessing that certain je ne sais quoi! 

I’m no food blogger, but I do love me some good food! The number one characteristic that I look for in a restaurant (other than the food) is the ambiance.  Brasserie brought me back to Paris, a tiny piece of France right here in Tenafly, NJ. And although I loved the food and art in Paris, what truly made my trip memorable was the fashion of course.

I knew I wanted my look to be inspired by how I viewed Paris. Classic, simple, elegant and timeless. Which brought me to buy these vintage cat eye sunglasses paired with statement earrings. Being that the focus of my look is my sunglasses, I decided to rock a black mock neck top with my suede H&M pants to create a stylish look!

Last but certainly not least, my shoes. These DIY faux girls were quick and easy to make with a grand total of $11. I wanted a short heel so that they could be worn comfortably, but needed to faux fur to make them extraordinary! Just like that, that je ne said quoi that I needed!

Vintage Fashion Look | Photos by #ShotbyNixon





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