Masterful Mustard Look


Self: What color condiment would you like to be today? Other self: mustard. 

I like to take risks, especially fashion risks! Who wants to color inside the lines when you can create a colorful, crazy out of the box masterpiece! The color featured in my current masterpiece is mustard, because why not?! I mean come on…. who wouldn’t want to look like this.

I’m pretty infamous for one color looks, I’ve done powdered blue, soft pink, yellow, navy, purple and more! It’s fun and it really challenges my style to  have to create a look that is one color, but isn’t overwhelming or tacky!

Mustard Look Details:

This whole ensemble started with a tiny piece of recycled clothing. I stumbled across the instagram page RAGD LA (thanks to a certain celebrity) and fell in love with the concept. They take old clothes and create new pieces with it, hence (ragd)la. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Simple, yet clever! I saw this mustard tube top and had to have it. Loveeee that it’s made out of a knit sweater type material and I thought it’d be perfect for fall!

After the top came in the mail I knew I wanted to create a single color look, so I went on a mission for the perfect pant, skirt, romper or something to match my top. I stumbled across yet another small business page called SHE THE COLLECTION. Although this beautiful romper took quite some time to get to me, I am so happy that I purchased it. It was perfect for the look. Paired this set with my mustard heels, a mustard  duster and luis crossbody and I was set! What do you think of my one colored outfit?

Photographed by Elyse Ketura Photography


Mustard tube top


Mustard Romper

Mustard duster 

Mustard heels 


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