How to make festival clothing a FASHION Look!

So what Coachella season is over, Let me show you how to turn a festival inspired clothing into a fierce, fashion masterpiece!

Festival Clothing | Fashion Look

Festival looks always consist of lace/sheer overlays, detailed patterns and fabric embroidery; just a few of the things I can’t live with out! So naturally, I wanted to create a look inspired by festival clothing.

festival clothing

festival clothing

ZARA, the place of endless possibilities! I snagged this embroidered dress in December and it’s gotten some good use since then. This time I wanted it to look different and be the overall focus. I paired it with a black strapless top and spandex shorts.

festival clothing

festival clothing

Let me give you the number one rule when in comes to personal style. YOUR shoes can MAKE or BREAK your outfit! It’s that simple. Shoes create a mood in my opinion, and whatever statement you would like your outfit to make starts with your shoes. I wanted my outfit to scream I AM IT! Head turner, conversation starter, “ooh, where did you get that” kind of look. So thank you ALDO for creating these beautiful RED babies that were the icing on the cake for this look.


What’s your favorite Festival piece? How would you style it?




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