What the fashion industry needs | Find your Forte & stick with it!

I love style! I love how creative it is, different, extraordinary yet simple! There are so many attributes to one’s style, but the one attribute I love the most is the unique story it tells. Forte’s Forte captured my eyes and keeps me wanting more!

Color is everything to me in an outfit! It sets the tone in each and every one of my looks! So I was extremely intrigued with Keresse, designer of Forte’s Forte, color choices! Bold, funky, sassy and enticing. Each piece had such a unique quality and color that I loved!

Forte’s Forte was birthed out a tragedy (Our Story), but it’s strength is woven into each and every stitch. Trust me, I wore the clothes and let me tell you, that weekend I was beyond exhausted, but I felt alive and powerful the minute I put on those green sassy pants and the stunning fringe top!

It is undoubtably known that Forte’s Forte is going to make a very big mark in the fashion industry! The way in encompasses the old era and the new era is something that fashion needs! After seeing the designs, strutting them for the camera, there were just two thing that I had to know!

What inspired Forte’s Forte?

I’m obsessed with 70s fashion.  I love flare pants, bell bottoms and attitude. I also love comfort. I make clothes for the girl that knows about running to catch the packed 5:07 train into the city, then running through penn to catch the E, only to have to look like a fashionista when you arrive. I want clothes, that are, fun comfortable, quality and bad A!

Where would you like to see Forte’s Forte in the next few years? 

I want to grow as a brand and become a respected name in fashion while still remaining boutique and exclusive. I’d love to have a showroom one day and have my garments in select shops! 

Photographer: Jullion Digital 
MUA: Tiffani Rains 
Hair Stylist: Ruby Red Roots 
Designer: Perfectlymperfek

Keep your eyes open y’all! Forte’s Forte is about to break ground in the style and fashion industry and I’ll be waiting with a front row seat. What are your thoughts on this up and coming fashion brand? Let me know in the comments below!



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