Channeling my inner 17 year old; Back to School we go!

Now let’s be real, when we were younger, we weren’t actually excited about the beautiful, freedom of summer ending when Back to School season came around. It was the excitement in having an excuse to get of bunch of new things that you already had!

New clothes, new shoes, new pens, papers and notepads; NEW EVERYTHING! That’s what makes Back to School season so fun, and I was not about to miss out just because I graduated!

Back to School Essentials | Photographed by Elyse Ketura Photography

Cute Notebooks check |

Aren’t these just the cutest! I think in addition to all my other addictions, I have a cute notebook addiction! I’m always looking for excuses to buy them! Good quotes, bold colors or pretty much whatever, I’ll buy them just for the fun of it! These cute notebooks are by Graphique! If you want pens and other fab supplies then they are the go to!

The 1st slay of school FIT check | 

Being that I’m not in high school anymore, I had to take a 24 year old dress and make is appropriate for school! An off the shoulder bodycon dress, with some old skool vans, nerdy pink glasses and afrolicious pin; a night outfit turned juvenile!

O U T F I T  D E T A I L S


Boohoo Bodycon, Off Shoulder Dress

Firmoo Glasses

Topshop Pin




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