I’m not the biggest fan of letting go of clothes or shoes in good condition. So instead of tossing my simple, black swimsuit, I decided to give it a DIY makeover. Wanna try it? This is what you’ll need.

Mesh fabric (or the fabric of your choosing)
Fabric cutting scissors (regular scissors work too, just be careful)
Sewing Machine (alternative, elastic thread to sew by hand)
A helping hand and you’re ready to go!
Step One:
Make sure that you try on your swimsuit before making drastic cuts, it’s better to be safe than sorry. While your swimsuit it on, mark with the chalk where you would like to cut on the front and back of the swimsuit. (This is where the helping hand comes in handy, haha, hand-y)


Step Two:
Fold the swimsuit in half and secure the front and back layer with a pin so that it doesn’t move while you cut. For the bottom section of your swimsuit you want to angle your cut upwards to create a nice silhouette for the swimsuit. **Be sure to leave the sides of the swimsuit attached, we will remove them later.

IMG_4147 IMG_4150

Step Three:
Try on your swimsuit for the second time and ensure that you are satisfied with your cuts. Keep on the swimsuit and cover the open areas with your mesh fabric. It is best to measure how much mesh you will need with the swimsuit on being that the swimsuit’s fabric is nylon and stretches to your body’s shape!


Step Four:
Once the mesh fabric is cut, you want to secure it with pins to the swimsuit, making sure that the mesh fabric is on the inside of the and now you’re ready to sew!


Step Five:
Be sure to switch to a zig zag stitch and align your swimsuit appropriately underneath the sewing machine needle. Also tug a little at the fabric as it is sewing. IMG_4158

Attach all four sides/pieces and try on (repetitive, I know) your swimsuit once more before you cut off the side fabric. If you are satisfied, you may cut the sides off and secure your swimsuit with a second stitch.

Viola! There you have it. A new redefined, sexy swimsuit!

DSCN1641 DSCN1640 DSCN1639

If you’d like a video tutorial of how to make this suit, then check it out here. DIY Mesh Swimsuit



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